Sonic: Freedom fighters 2 Plus


A 2D fighting game with the characters from Sonic




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Sonic: Freedom fighters 2 Plus is a 2D fighting game that uses the Winmugen engine to allow you to enjoy one-on-one or two-on-two combats starring some of the most charismatic characters from the Sonic universe.

Just like almost all of the games that use the Winmugen engine, Sonic: Freedom fighters 2 Plus offers various game modes for one or two players. You can play in story, versus, survival or arcade mode. And the best thing is that you can fight one-on-one or two-on-two.

The game includes characters such as Sonic, Knukles, Tails, Shadow, Rouge and many more. In total, there are more than a dozen different characters taken from all of the games in the Sonic franchise. The same thing happens with the scenes. You will have about ten different screens where you can fight against your enemies.

Sonic: Freedom fighters 2 Plus is a 2D fighting game with enjoyable mechanics (each character has its own special moves) and very good graphics. In fact, all of the characters were created and animated just for this.
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